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Join us for our Virtual Vino Episodes presented by our proprietors and staff members. It's true that we don't take ourselves too seriously so hopefully you get a few laughs from some of our episodes. We have had a lot of fun putting them together. 

EPISODE ONE - XXX Viognier v2019


EPISODE TWO - Pinot Noir v2018

EPISODE THREE - sX Imagine and sX TOUS Rose v2019

EPISODE FOUR - Night v2017

EPISODE FIVE - The Bloopers

EPISODE SIX - Vampata Rose


EPISODE EIGHT - Rieslings v.2010, 2012, 2014


EPISODE NINE - The NEW Tasting Experience

EPISODE TEN - Privata Malbec v2018


EPISODE ELEVEN - Night v2018


EPISODE TWELVE - XXX Cabernet Franc v2018


EPISODE THIRTEEN - Pinot Noir v2019


EPISODE FOURTEEN - Privata Red v2018


EPISODE FIFTEEN - Privata Chardonnay v2019

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