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August 16, 2022 | Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo’s Best Kept Secret: The Privata Series

Ex Nihilo Privata Wine Series with Winery Dog

Magic marries mystery with Ex Nihilo’s Privata wine collection, showcasing the unique character of this family-run winery.  A winery brimming with possibility and excitement, Ex Nihilo strives to keep you on your toes when it comes to wine flavours and profiles. Did you know that Ex Nihilo has a “secret” wine? For those who appreciate a little mystery in life, the Privata Red may just be what you have been looking for.

Privata Red Okanagan Wine Ex NihiloPrivata Red | Label by Jet Harder

Privata means private in Latin. This is fitting as the Privata Red is a confidential single varietal or blend, depending on the vintage. Although it is clear it is a red wine, limited details are available for the taster. The message behind it all? Don’t prejudge the wine before it has a chance to hit your palate. Every winemaker and winery has a little something different to offer a classification of wine. Judging based solely on the variety of grape used is remarkably limiting.

This open-minded philosophy extends to the other wines in the series as well even though they are not secret.  Winery employee and daughter of the Harders, Nina Harder tells us “The amount of times I have converted “non chardonnay drinkers” to our chardonnay would surprise you!”

Wineries Near Me Ex Nihilo Privata ChardonnayPrivata Chardonnay | Label by Jace Harder

Guests are encouraged to try the wines in this series with an open and curious mind.  This is in essence the spirit of a wine tasting, to fully taste the wine, appreciating each nuance, and you don’t have to be a sommelier to do this. For the moment, throw out everything you thought you knew (or didn’t know) about a chardonnay, or malbec, and experience the wine as it is before you.

Vineyard Near Me Ex Nihilo Privata MerlotPrivata Malbec | Label by Jagger-James Harder

On The Label

It is well known that Ex Nihilo’s origins are heavily steeped in the appreciation of art. Husband and wife team, Decoa and Jeff Harder named their winery after a famous sculpture by Frederick Hart, named Ex Nihilo, meaning “Out of Nothing” in Latin. This sculpture clearly inspired the couple during their travels when they encountered a replica in a San Francisco gallery. A love for art continues to permeate Ex Nihilo as carefully selected works can be found all around the winery.

Original Ex Nihilo Sculpture Ex Nihilo | Artist - Frederick Hart

The Harders’ fondness for art does not stop there, however. When first coming up with an idea for a label for the Privata Red, Jeff Harder brainstormed many art inspired possibilities until an epiphany struck him. He found himself staring at a finger painting created by his young son Jet, hanging on the pantry door. He knew in that moment that the finger painting had to go on a wine label!  Since then all three of Decoa and Jeff’s sons have graced the series with their art creations, Jagger with the Privata Malbec, Jace with the Privata Chardonnay, and of course Jet with the Privata Red.

Ex Nihilo The Harder BoysDecoa Harder, Jace Harder, Jeff Harder, Jagger-James Harder and Jet Harder

So what is on the horizon for the Privata wine collection at Ex Nihilo?  Rumour has it the three Harder daughters may one day share the torch and provide artistic creations for future labels. One certain thing is that the Harders are very proud of this one of a kind wine series. Come in and experience the magic yourself with a wine tasting at the winery or take the plunge and order from our online wine store. It may just surprise you!

Ex Nihilo Winery Logo

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