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Ex Nihilo Proprietors Jeff and Decoa Harder

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"Out of Nothing" 

The story of Ex Nihilo is a journey of love and a shared passion to create exceptional wines. The dream began when Decoa and Jeff Harder first came across a sculpture that inspired the name Ex Nihilo, Latin for ‘Out of Nothing’. It was the catalyst for the creation of the winery and its emergence as a premier, award-winning Okanagan Valley wine producer.

On a trip to Napa Valley in 1999, owners Jeff and Decoa came across a working model replica of Ex Nihilo on display in San Francisco. The couple immediately fell in love with the art, and by the time they left the gallery, Jeff proclaimed that one day they would build a winery and call it ‘Ex Nihilo’. The original sculpture by Frederick Hart adorns the west façade entrance of the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Planning continued for four years, and on more than one occasion, Ex Nihilo seemed like an unattainable dream. It wasn't until a moment in August of 2003 that truly came "out of nothing". On an impulse, Decoa led Jeff north from their home in Kelowna, scouting the terrain that supports farms and vineyards assembled along the length of pristine Lake Okanagan. There, on Camp Road, they saw a hand-painted ‘For Sale’ sign that held the promise of a lifetime. A perfectly sloped 10-acre hillside which would become Ex Nihilo Vineyards.

Today Ex Nihilo is about more than just vineyards or wine; it is about a sense of place and the people who are involved in creating and perfecting their craft. From the vineyards to the cellar, from the kitchen to the tasting room, every individual at Ex Nihilo is passionate about refining their art.

Memor Vivo!

Where It Starts

Ex Nihilo was created first and foremost to produce wines that exceed expectations. First planted in 2004, 20 acres of premium vines thrive on our southwest facing property. 

Generous amounts of Okanagan sun help to ripen the fruit, while the intense flavours flourish under the moderating effects of Lake Okanagan. 

We take great pride and care in farming our vineyards sustainably. Ex Nihilo also partners with our visionary grape growers who have nurtured their lands throughout the Valley.

Built on handshakes and trust, there is a promise that we will not compromise on quality or taste. Obsessed with their land and their vines, these grape growers are woven into our story. We love that together we can share their hard work and passion.

Ex Nihilo Okanagan Valley Region Vineyard 

The art of winemaking in the Okanagan

The Art

We belive that extraordinary wines are a product of the passion of those who make them and the unique traits of the land that they grow. 

We create wines that reflect the Okanagan Valley and the unique place we call home. In a region notable for its diversity of varieties, we have refined our approach to create a true articulation of our vineyards. 

Our vintner team led by winemaker Jim Faulkner, express their creative talent and technical expertise from lessons of the past intertwined with tightly framed principles of the present. 

Each wine is nurtured from grape to bottle balancing old world tradition and innovative practices. These guides allow us to retain our authenticity while developing the Ex Nihilo story and the reputation of the Okanagan Valley wine region.

It Takes A Village

We believe that extraordinary wines are a product of the passion of those who make them. But even more, it takes dedication, authenticity and some sweat and tears. We have the ultimate team of professionals who believe in the product, deliver it like rockstars and create an experience unlike no other.


Ex Nihilo Winemaking Team

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