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Glad You Came. Sad to See You Go.

We understand that there may come a time where our wine club no longer works for you or fits into your lifestyle. We hope that you have enjoyed your time with us and we look forward to welcoming you back for a tasting, for dinner or when our wine club works for you in the future. 

Membership Cancellation Policy

Members must pay for and receive a minimum of three consecutive shipments after their sign up date to avoid being charged a $50 cancellation fee. All cancellation requests must be sent at least 30 days prior to the upcoming scheduled shipment. Shipments are the same time each year during the months of March, June and October. Any cancellations after the shipment notice has been sent will apply to the next scheduled shipment. 

If you wish to discontinue your membership and you meet all the requirements for cancellation, please fill out the form below to begin your cancellation request. One of our wine club team members will respond within 48 hours. 


WC Membership Cancellation

GOLD (12 bottles/shipment)
SILVER (6 bottles/shipment)
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